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Hallo - Norwegian here

Postby Contrarianoutlook » Tue Sep 02, 2014 4:08 am


After reading the web log and some of the in-depth articles this is my go to website for news, got exposed to GE through Breitbart which sometimes posts Generational Dynamics daily updates.

Would like to say thank you for this website, I love the format, writing and structure. Generational dynamics theory is a very interesting perspective, not exactly in line with the gender studies and marxist-liberal paradigm I learned in university studying sociology and politics.

Please correct me where I'm wrong, after starting to view current events in Norway through generational dynamics the current polarization between left and right makes sense as the old guard socialists that lived through the last crisis war during WW2 had died off and the artist generation are losing control. Though Norway was spared most of the brutality compared to other nations, still the country was left in poverty with Norwegians eating garbage reminiscent of Liberia or Monrovia, which left deep impact on what I think would be the Hero generation of Norway, personified by moderate socialists like Einar Gerhardsen who built the one party state, freedom fighter Max Manus and anticommunist Haakon Lie who made sure Norway did not go the way of the failed socialist eastern European states.

Through the Artist generation that grew up as children during WW2 and would later come to dominant the political system through the one party state, would make sure their children would never have to experience the hardship and toil they went through and therefore set out to built the greatest welfare state in the world (even before the oil boom of the 1970's). As characterized by the Hero generation both socialist and right wing alike viewed being on welfare as a "styggedom"/abomination if you were able to work, welfare was only reserved for the poorest or incapable, with the artist generation this started to change as welfare and the economy expanded, the austerity and ethics of the artist generation did not make sense for the new prophet generation as prosperity is seemingly abundant and the natural state of mankind is wealth not poverty.

Under the Prophet generation the welfare state was taken into high gear, time and time again the government tried to eliminate poverty by subsidizing it only increasing unemployment, increasing taxes and increase in regulations in the process, this led two the one party state of Hero and Artist generation to splinter into two opposing factions. Those who believe liberty and welfare takes precedent over austerity (Right wing=Conservative and Neo-liberals) and those that believe Collectivization and welfare takes precedent over austerity (Left Wing= Socialists and Communists). Both want the state to provide more through different means and different policies, both are against the austerity of the Artist generation.

Now Norway is slowly entering the nomad generation, radicalized, nihilistic and apathetic youth taking different forms as the NAV'ers (people on welfare living the good life) who in their apathy see no reason to work or better themselves as the state provides decent living ($2500/month). Angry private enterprise youth (Entered the workforce and find themselves being taxed to death while watching NAV'ers and Socialist demand more and live the good life) these take unethical steps to gain economic advantage be it through corruption in financial market, as you explained with generational dynamics view on the nihilistic new generation using unethical dangerous financial alchemy, or simply charging more work hours for less work. You also have the political class of socialists and government bureaucrats who work through collusion to funnel more money to themselves from the treasury, these also include race baiters and social baiters who accuse people of being racist in order to get power. And then you have the nihilistic confused angry youth who are being radicalized as neo-national socialists (Anders Breivik), Islamo terrorists and green environmentalist who openly admit they want to shut down all industry and destroy everything the Artist and Hero generation worked for.

I would like to provide you with more information about Norway, and help with your in-depth country study on Norway, I have a lot more reading to do, but I have degree in socialogy and political science and would like to help if needed. Anyway thanks for reading and thanks for your web blog.

Norwegian One Party State: Term used to describe Norway's welfare paradigm by Jens Arup Seip a Norwegian political scientist.

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Re: Hallo - Norwegian here

Postby John » Tue Sep 02, 2014 6:11 pm

Your analysis is very stark, but right on the mark. This is
impressive work. Thanks for posting it.


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Re: Hallo - Norwegian here

Postby khalid » Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:57 am

its a very good post :roll: :lol: :mrgreen: :ugeek: :cry: :evil: :o

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