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Veon +4.8% as Morgan Stanley sees 44% upside

guess i sold to early but hit target
always leave at target

Thu Apr 09, 2020 9:10 pm
Reflation trade is beast on meth.
Book four into the window - raising cash

This is my fourth bear market. These poor bastards will never know what hit them.
And this is how the inflation starts.

Energy and food.
The avarice and moral hazard is astounding to witness.

BBC and fig leaves.

I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than to dwell in the tents of the wicked.
For the LORD God is a sun and a shield; the LORD gives grace and glory;
He withholds no good thing from those who walk with integrity.…

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aeden wrote:
Fri Oct 16, 2020 6:08 pm
The equivalent of the 1929 crash is still coming.


xiden 47 crime inc will lead it unless he is jailed
fbi are criminal enablers also
some guys went after demsheviks
whitlessmore was and is another power lust stooge on hands and knees

nothing new so the caravan moves along ... me=360x360 ... -meetings/
#JoeBidenUkraineScandal #BidenCrimeFamily #joebidenukraine

Her dad, David J. Harris, said in an op ed in the Jamaica Global Online that his daughter is a liar and a fraud.
Basically, her father did not like her use of her Jamaican heritage as a punchline to look hip and win votes.
He also outed their family as descendants of slave owners.

We told you inadvance Harris would win the evil slot.

Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:45 am
Kerensky's father was the teacher of Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin), and members of the Kerensky and Ulyanov families were friends. After the February Revolution of 1917, he joined the newly formed Russian Provisional Government, first as Minister of Justice, then as Minister of War, and after July as the government's second Minister-Chairman. A leader of the moderate-socialist Trudovik faction of the Socialist Revolutionary Party, he was also vice-chairman of the powerful Petrograd Soviet.
On November 7th , his government was overthrown by the Lenin-led Bolsheviks in the October Revolution. He spent the remainder of his life in exile, in Paris and New York City, and worked for the Hoover Institution. Biden is seen as Kerensky door mat to some.
Not my view but a radar point of limited interest and warning.
The outlier here is a brokered convention and the Kalifornicate takeover of Newson and Harris. The radical left current BLM appeasement seen is a death song to the DNC as such to date factional takeover. Flyovers and liberals can sense the Gulags from the Bern cult and world antifa Marxist Socialists. ... sf=msgonly

The water mellons and green mask are not done pushing us around with antifa and bob bish half wits.
The clown show from the agencys insured never trust them. They destroyed trust with the village of the damned hand in hand joining demons.

ty;er noted... sometime in the past few months, Horseman, pardon Russell Clark, underwent a historic position and sentiment shift and after 8 years of being net short, the fund is now back on the bullish bandwagon with a 23.2% net long position (with no exposure to bonds)...
3 hard drives.Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu made the move - provided 3 hard drives to the DOJ of America, and another copy to Nancy Pelosi. However, with the help from our fellow fighter, these hard drives reached the hands of President Trump.The 1st hard drive: sex tapes & pedo tapes of Hunter Biden, as well as his 4.5 billion dollars secret deal with Xi & Wang;The 2nd hard drive: the allocation of Xi & Wang's overseas wealth, and 'the architecture & art project', which is the information of their illegitimate children;The 3rd hard drive: CCP's bioweapon


If Biden wins,
America becomes a vassal Chinese state.

You are correct H
It's become popular recently among supposedly informed pundits to say that the March mini-crash was the equivalent of the 1929 crash. It was not. The equivalent of the 1929 crash is still coming.

Filth covers the land in darkness and the Agency's are under as the putrid Soil of the Body Farm whilst the filth of the Press rolls in it.

thread: amos, kadesh, l8ter, salem
thread: ankara, ndc, dragonfly, l8ter

sorrow to those who follow evil = πυρί
17 Occurrences

Technocratic threats issued by career bureaucrats with an over-inflated sense of relevance.


Russell offered a revealing glimpse into Frankfurt School’s mass social engineering efforts, in his 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society:
The actual thread is - The alliance theory.
As it was put clearly before. A bent of mind contrary to the Book and the Letter.

..if you, the Little People, cast votes the imperial bureaucracy doesn't like... well, watch out.
thread: Elul, Ankara, Zechariah 8:19, Duration of Saros 129 = 1262.11 Years
They'll fight you every step of the way and spend untold millions of YOUR dollars against you...

Aramaic word iddan appears several times: Daniel 2:8,9,21; 3:5,15; 4:16,23,25,32; 7:12,25.
The word means time or a year, depending on the context.
When it is used with a definite article or a fixed amount, it refers to years.
What does it mean they will announce.

"Once we squeeze all we can out of the US, it can dry up and blow away."

Proverbs 31:9 Open your mouth, judge righteously, And defend the rights of the afflicted and needy.

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Re: Financial topics

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I remember a confusing technical analysis picture on the S&P 500 going into and through the 2016 Presidential election, but not as confusing as present.
I do think we can say with confidence that the market will be a lot lower in 2021 than present, but how the short to short-medium term evolves is a matter of guess work I suspect.
My own technical analysis says that the market has probably peaked in the last few days, is currently turning down, and will drift lower and lower until the drift causes panic and a waterfall crash. (Fall over and then crash)
Other technical analysts are saying expect a rally into the election, and choppy action, but a much lower market in 2021 as the real economic issues bite.
Another is saying that the pre-election S&P 500 will be over 3600 followed by selling by the smart money (to secure profits) which will create the top.
I am not clear at all which candidate the market currently thinks is going to win, and if it goes the other way what effect that may have?
My hope for a shorting opportunity is that I suggest that whoever loses is not going to accept the result without a lot of uncertainty; riots if Trump wins, legal challenges and disturbances if Biden wins. This might cause panic and be the pin that pricks the bubble (Vince) Markets hate uncertainty.
Post election is probably when the big short money will be made, but you never know, the market may crash pre-election.
I am reminded that "The markets make fools of us all" - 100% true!

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Re: Financial topics

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The ominous nature of what we see unfolding before us only truly hits home when one realizes that the people who specialize in these Color Revolution regime change operations overseas are, literally, the very same people attempting to overthrow Trump by using the very same playbook. t

Once a country gets broken it tends to stay broken, whether the “breaking” is accomplished by military means (Serbia 1999, Iraq 2003, Libya 2011) or by a color revolution from the streets (Serbia 2000, Georgia 2003, Ukraine 2004-2005 and again in 2014, Kyrgyzstan 2005, Lebanon 2005, Armenia 2018, plus many others of varying degrees of success, and failures in Iran, Russia, Venezuela, China (Hong Kong), and Belarus). With the target nation’s institutions in shambles, the dregs take over – in Libya, for example, even to the point of reintroducing trade in sub-Saharan African slaves, whose black lives evidently don’t matter to anyone at all.

You will be sending your baby's not butchered in a birth canal to be up to their snow flake special ass in paddies saving all those villages for
Uncle 47 and His special baby tissue harvesters brigades for profits you damn fools. One thing the demsheviks got right is you indeed have the right to be stupid.
Vote for 47 as another stupid democrat and rhino will.

And if you don't know what gamma is - probably better not to play at this point... Tyler Durden Tue, 10/13/2020 - 16:02
It is the third order derivative. Do not doubt the march of the penguins.
You will indeed be wiped out as like you never existed.
They guarantee it you damned fools.
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Re: Financial topics

Post by aeden » ... ne-8-years

as we are witnessing in bish zones
they want it to burn
karens are market disposable

thread: wasting, ankara, kadesh, amos

Blame us Amish.
As we have seen, the Amish are not really stuck in time.
They evaluate the potential negative effects of technology on their faith and family life
and embrace only those technologies that maintain an acceptable quality of life.

But when he came to it, he found only leaves, because it was not the right time for figs.

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Re: Financial topics

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California Is Blaming Its Crippled Economy On Climate Change.
Pennys on the dollar for xiden 47 handlers

proliferation of parasitic elites, a weakening of state finances and a decline in the purchasing power of wages/labor
agency slaves bow to their new foreign masters

These are not the descendants of the men who stood on the fields of Waterloo; who crewed the ships of Trafalgar.

The "English" are extinct.

Since 2012 a sophisticated but bizarre online neo-fascist movement has been growing fast. It's called "The Dark Enlightenment". Its modus operandi is well suited to a digital society. Supporters are dotted all over the world, connected via a handful of blogs and chat rooms. Its adherents are clever, angry white men patiently awaiting the collapse of civilisation, and a return to some kind of futuristic, ethno-centric feudalism, says Jamie Bartlett in this article, Meet The Dark Enlightenment: sophisticated neo-fascism that's spreading fast on the net, at The Telegraph.

So the says the other easter island ideologue on the Island of the Green-Eyed Tribe, blue eyes are taboo Noski water carrier.

Rule number 1 to parlance speak > Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule … Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as “kooks”, “right-wing”, “liberal”, “left-wing”, “terrorists”, “conspiracy buffs”, “radicals”, “militia”, “racists”, “religious fanatics”, “sexual deviates”, and so forth. This makes others shrink from support out of fear of gaining the same label, and you avoid dealing with issues.


We can underpin it with Klingberg and his cycle of political deviats. Doctor Quigley seen it early just saying.

Enjoy your BISH. You had a choice. BBC can send Crumpets on import model Easter Island B
I guess they missed the 1996 memo on bots and the white papers.

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Amos 9:7
Kaphtowr {kaf-tore'}; apparently the same as kaphtor; Caphtor (i.e. A wreath-shaped island), the original seat of the Philistines
It was said they are no more.
Hadrian wall is the hardness of thier hearts and the thickness of their Skull. It is also the Law in established Borders.
I do thank the thinking who know better and see what this hour is to more than a few.

The Palestinian Christian we know as if they divide it He will surely be slaughtered by Hamas or like minded masquerading as religion.

This 1290 day period is called the great trib when great persecution comes upon the “elect” during the second half to be.
It is already known and this Kadesh forwarded for warning to be seen.
Two items present its self in this hour we already covered.


Sat Apr 18, 2020 1:34 pm
Their ideology is a crippled religion; Peterson was quite correct in that. It's not about critical thought, it's about Faith in the Party.
I wish him a recovery to envy. He will be on page one on the other side to walk with.
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https://zh-prod-1cc738ca-7d3b-4a72-b792 ... k=_z_mkOJ1

Former Democratic National Committee deputy chair Keith Ellison, now the Minnesota attorney general, once said Antifa would “strike fear in the heart” of Trump. This was after Antifa had been involved in numerous acts of violence and its website was banned in Germany. His own son, Minneapolis City Council member Jeremiah Ellison, declared his allegiance to Antifa in the heat of the protests this summer. During the prior hearing, Democratic senators refused to clearly denounce Antifa and falsely suggested that the far right was the primary cause of recent violence. Likewise, Joe Biden has dismissed objections to Antifa as just “an idea.”

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