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Investments, gold, currencies, surviving after a financial meltdown
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Post by vincecate »

So this "Terra Foundation" had been bragging how much Bitcoin they had to stabilize their stablecoin, but now
it turns out that their Bitcoin was not part of the "algorithmic stablecoin algorithm" or resources actually.
In a previous post I thought that it was. So they may have just run with Billions.
Amazing to me that people would put Billions into this thing.

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Re: Financial topics

Post by Cool Breeze »

John wrote:
Fri May 13, 2022 11:22 am
** 13-May-2022 World View: Bitcoin and cryptos
Cool Breeze wrote:
Fri May 13, 2022 9:34 am
> John, seriously, please read and consider my posts as I've told
> you (and richard found out from Vince) for a long time now that
> "crypto" is not Bitcoin. The point here is that like in the tech
> days, the shakeout of weak hands and tech that is trying to take
> advantage of a larger narrative by being in "crypto" is
> imminent. But the strong will survive. And that's why I've always
> said that holding BTC long term is going to be like holding the
> biggest tech stocks that succeeded, eventually. And it will be a
> huge winner given the problems with the manipulated Fed markets,
> debt, stock and otherwise. We have detailed why, in many posts,
> this is the case.
Just google the phrase "crypto currencies" and you'll see dozens of
sites referring to Bitcoin as a crypto. You are as full of crap about
this as you are about everything else. Please don't make me delete
any more of your nonsense.
> "Buy, sell, and store hundreds of cryptocurrencies

> From Bitcoin to Dogecoin, we make it easy to buy and sell
> cryptocurrency. Protect your crypto with best in class cold
> storage.

First order thinking, again.

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Re: Financial topics

Post by aeden » ... 3415351296

Maslow's hierarchy does not get covered in btc fantasy as a store of utility.
Your first order logic is typical.
Competing currency was covered clearly.
You next meal will not be provided by esg or btc logic.

We lost them at tiny bubbles.

1. unbridled enthusiasm
2. mass confusion
3. sudden disillusionment
4. search for the guilty
5. punish the innocent
6. rewarding of the non-participants <-------------
7. see step one

Geniuses said nazi are lies also. ... achtal.jpg
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Re: Financial topics

Post by aeden »

Trudeau called wheat farmers the greatest emission polluters.

These wef esg narcissistic lunatics in history will be seen as the greatest killers of
all times.

Captain Oatmeal and the orange cloud cult have a plan. Not you. Your new leader serfs.

Truman was right.

I would convey the GOP will screw themselves as they are prone to do also.
No one since FDR can over estimate that no accidents exist with these floaters in the global swamp.

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Re: Financial topics

Post by aeden » ... /101057434

Like they did with other gmo soy now sliding it into aus market as a processed product at this stage.

If 40xx holds. The consumer is the ruthless arbiters of advanced stupid and you are run by swamp simps.
The demsheviks got enough time to really f!@k things up so we opened book4 again.
Matters as nothing since secure is a shell program to results wanted anyways.

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Re: Financial topics

Post by aeden »

Soros’s investment fund has doubled down on its bet on Rivian Automotive Inc. and taken new positions on EV makers Nio Inc. and Lucid Motors Inc., according to a filing late Friday.
As disclosed in February, Soros’s fund had bought nearly 20 million shares of Rivian RIVN, +9.88%, worth about $2 billion at the time.
The investment has not paid off amid steep declines for Rivian shares this year, but the fund bought another 6 million shares in the period ended March 31, the Friday filing shows.
That brings the fund’s stake to about 25.9 million shares, worth about $693 million.
Rivian shares have lost about 74% this year, compared with losses of around 16% for the S&P 500 index.

Woke progressive policies know they will destroy economies to sell more green ideas by bribing corrupt leaders to provide massive giveaways.
Illinois is smoldering waste land called Chicongo.
The state taxpayer's should cut them loose to collapse Bob Bish and merge elsewhere.
The locusts came here and just murdered economic areas then bitched as the welfare increases was the root cause.

NRG Energy warned during a recent Illinois House committee hearing of “the potential for rolling blackouts in central and southern Illinois” this summer. The war is on you not them.
Illinois that will be facing blackouts and watching their tax dollars support the urban inner city dwellers who always vote Democrat.
They could care less where the money goes.

Someone who is happier or more skilled at dealing with people rather than things or concepts was noted by the 400 fat lady.

It is an organized system of psychological intervention and judicial perversion through which a [ruling class] can imprint [their]
own opportunistic thoughts upon the minds of those [they] plan to use and destroy. — Joost Meerloo, The Rape of the Mind.

No carbon for you.

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Re: Financial topics

Post by aeden »
Bank of America's Dire Warning that More Pain is Coming.
They want smoldering ruins.

Marxism warmed over and given a fresh gloss of rhetorical paint of sustainability, stakeholder capitalism, Environmental,
Social and Governance (ESG), shared purpose.

Those who understood energy magin clusters knew what was was coming and now here.
Bidens demsheviks in all its unsecure unix pre-emptive glory.

About those dead cats and the relegated swamp warnings. Half never mattered and never will.
thread: 40xx ... 01_en.html usage tables

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Re: Financial topics

Post by aeden »

data fragility continues
The Cryptocurrency Crash Is Replaying 2008 as Absurdly as Possible
MAY 12, 2022, 3:53 PM
Luxury and decline.
Why economies fail.

Go ahead and mock us as we utilize Cariboo to direct cash flow.

It was warned food riots in the west will first appear in the northern nations such as Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, UK, etc.
This will start happening some time between mid fall to early winter.
These nations have a limited growing season and require to import their food.
Run by rule four short bus idiots.

Without energy Europe is an irrelevant economic backwater with little industry or anything else of value.
All these esg policy did was move world wealth east to Asia even faster.
Something Rus anticipated years ago and already has measured.
Shooting each other in record pace around here as the sheep pens swelter and stink in the political summer.
Demsheviks and active measures Alinsky morons on parade.
Filth has soaked in at a record pace we contend only.
You had been warned in advance your going to wait a very long for these swamp idiots
as lie cheat steal burn loot murder. North and South will linger in Cartels and swamp bullshit for years is the observation.
Record dead on drugs and ingrained border stupidity. Biden’s message is the US blames and is looted non stop.

Plan b was plan a. Isolated themselves from the world to watch the Davos/WEF cancer do their work for them.
Sociopaths always have the same blind spot not fearing consequences.
Davos is WEF
WHO is the Spanish Inquisition of the UN.
"Climate change" are cult. Your new leader serfs.

The same color thing is happening in the US right now.
The globalists want us to take ourselves out with a civil war.
When the starving start spilling out of the inner cities looking for something to eat,
the Davos crew will realize their wet dream on color change.

Other way around is evident.
European wealth was sent overseas in the 1800s and 1900s. Capitalism was said it didn’t work.
They turned to Marxism.

They infected us.

This was always about yellow cake.

Current conflict alludes to have started here. ... 022-02-10/

Someone wanted to cut Putin out of the only zero carbon global energy complex that is and will be scalable. ... fuel-bank/

The United States relies on Russia and its allies Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan for roughly half of the uranium powering its nuclear plants – about 22.8-million pounds (10.3 million kg) in 2020 – which in turn produce about 20% of US electricity, according to the US Energy Information Administration and the World Nuclear Association.

Buffet donated 50 mil to Kazakhstan fuel bank.

This is a neocon energy pissing contest.
The US/EU Davos Marxist crowd win by collapsing the global oil economy.
As warned the juice boxes are over three deep in policy.

Truman was right.

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Re: Financial topics

Post by aeden » ... r-24-2021/

Captain Oatmeals source provider.

Six month research project from the liberal group Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Critics mocked the research that went into Democrats' branding efforts on social media.

"'Ultra Make America Great Again' is supposed to help… Democrats?" Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy asked. "Anyway, congrats to the consultants who were able to cash checks for this."

The White House was quickly on board with the president's new messaging with Psaki declaring it "the president’s phrase,"

Psaki is the confirmed cubed idiot of the decade to wit.

No rung rhetoric.
Cess Pool floaters.

Lie cheat steal burn loot murder.
Nothing else.

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD is correct on what they are.

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Re: Financial topics

Post by vincecate »

I think Biden's commitment to drain the strategic petroleum reserve is how inflation went from 8.5% to 8.3%.
But that is a one time trick. I think the next CPI report will be higher than 8.3% and the narrative of
"past the peak" will have trouble, so all will have trouble. So I think trouble in a bit less than a month.

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