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Re: Generation lengths

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I've not been able to do lengthy analysis of fifth turning periods, but here are a few countries/eras that I've identified that may be useful to explore the generational dynamics of a fifth turning.

Western Europe, 1784/87/89-1792: immediately before the onset of the Napoleonic Wars, and also meaning that the Napoleonic Wars emerged out of Fifth Turning

Argentina, 1959/62-1976

Contemporary Russia, 1997/2000-present

Elizabethan England, 1560/63-1585

18th Century Ireland, 1766/69-1792

that's all I've got for now, I'll update the list as I'm able to do more research

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Re: Generation lengths

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John wrote:If you want to do research on fifth turnings, the main issue is what I
identified after the 7/7/2005 London Subway bombings: That suicide
bombers almost always seem to come from countries in a fifth turning,
not a fourth turning. The problem is to identify what's different
between a fourth and fifth turning to cause this.
The Level of Desperation.

Frustration is a severe bifurcator. It "cuts" the incoming stream of "the frustrated" into Fighters and Flyers, though the "Flyers" quickly become more like "Freezers" (the catatonic).

The Fighters are held off by their "elders", and are also "held off" by the Freezers piling up in front of them.

What is it that "holds off" the "turning"? THAT is the proximate cause of the difference between a 4th and 5th turning.


If the "overall" society (the collection of societies "interested" in having a crisis) decides that excuses for NOT having a crisis war ("at this time") are "convincing" then it will "kick it down the road". This delay frustrates the wanna-be warriors. This frustration builds and feeds the energy in the system, pressurizing a "desperation spring".

Once the excuses are "overcome" and the ice-dam is melted (converted) or eliminated (killed off), the Fighters gear up rapidly and the Crisis War starts, with extreme energy in high-explosive form.

4th turning Crisis Wars are like "Fission Bombs", while 5th turning Crisis Wars are like "Fusion Bombs".

A fusion bomb's trigger is a fission bomb. (Look up difference between Nuclear Bomb and Thermonuclear [Fusion] Bomb.)

Now, what question are we ACTUALLY trying to answer (or clarify)?

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