Corvid-19 pandemic, there is a cure and prevention

Learning about and preparing for what now appears to be the "Great H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009"
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Corvid-19 pandemic, there is a cure and prevention

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According to my research, the Corvid-19 pandemic can be stopped and the patients can be treated very effectively and cheap. The problem is that this would be very bad news for the shareholders of pharmaceutical companies. However, for President Trump it may be a big step towards his reelection and towards the realization of a better healthcare system for the majority of his voters.
My sources (which are results form my research for my German language article ... bakterien/ ):
  • while 7 from 10 mice with flu in the control group died, 10 from 10 mice in the group with a low level of chlorine dioxide in the air, , which was within the OSHA-limits, survived
  • a good overview of some uses for chlorine dioxid
  • : look for PROTOCOL F: FREQUENT, THE OLD 115 CDS VIRAL PROTOCOL , see also his book "Forbidden Health: Incurable Was Yesterday" I do not agree with much of him, but for fighting the corona virus this book is a really important

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