DMT therapy improves cognitive skills

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DMT therapy improves cognitive skills

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The research conducted by a team of Spanish scientists was aimed at understanding the mechanism by which DMT can affect neurogenesis. The mouse experiments carried out in the course of the research established that DMT actually promotes neurogenesis. Moreover, the new neurons were linked by scientists to a visible improvement in the memory and cognitive functions of animals.

The scientists showed that within 21 days of starting DMT therapy, the abilities of rodents in learning and memory tasks, in which the hippocampus plays a key role, have clearly improved. These observations are in line with previous work, which showed that neurogenesis in this area of the brain in adults plays an important role in cognitive functions.

The study published in the journal "Translational Psychiatry" presents the results of four years of in vitro and in vivo experiments on mice. Scientists showed in them that DMT influences neurogenesis. They also showed that the mice that were given the substance had "greater cognitive capacity" compared to animals from the control group.

Source: Universidad Complutense de Madrid/MedicalXpress

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