"In Good Faith"

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"In Good Faith"

Postby FishbellykanakaDude » Sat Dec 22, 2018 2:18 am

What is the "least desirable" form of communication?
..physical manipulation.

What is the "most desirable" form of communication?
..the opposite of physical manipulation, which is verbal (or symbolic) persuasion.

What is the "essential carrier" of physical manipulation?
..power applied as directed force.

What is the "essential carrier" of verbal/symbolic persuasion?
.."good faith", which means power elucidated by directed observation.

Having "good faith" means helping to show the observable power of some system of interest to those who don't see it.

When good faith is not the interest of any party in a "communication" between multiple parties, the only "fall back" communication form is physical manipulation, for both parties.

"Pain" is another term used for "physical manipulation", as is "pleasure".

All communication is for the purpose of persuasion.

Punishment, bribery, and inspiration are the only methods of persuasion available.

Inspiration is twice as powerful as punishment and bribery combined.

Inspiration is three times as difficult to "do" as is either punishment or bribery.

Solving for the efficiency of effort of each of the only (3) methods of persuasion available tells us why punishment and bribery are most often used by those with power to wield.

..because people are lazy, and tend to use the most "cost effective" means to an end.

What people don't see, as they are not inspired to do so, is that the "hidden" costs, by way of "negative side-effects" (unforeseen consequences), of both punishment and bribery are six times each the same cost for using inspiration.

..but these "hidden costs" are delayed, and can be "kicked down the road", and therefore "compress" (pressurize) through time.

And that is our "steam engine" of history. Chugging along...

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