Societal collapse

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Re: Societal collapse

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Navigator wrote:
Wed Nov 17, 2021 11:21 pm
Modern socialist governments will not survive, IMHO, WW3. The ability of them to dispense all kinds of services and cash to recipients will be at an end. This will cause all kinds of upheaval. But I don't think it will happen until after the crisis (WW3), which will require unity and sacrifice, has passed.
Sacrifice by who? Unity, forget about it. I don't see the babies' mommas sacrificing anything or unifying behind anything but a standing in line waiting for a handout. It will be a narrow segment of American society that will have to shoulder the burden of WW3.

I would consider the West lucky if we can field a decent army at all.


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spottybrowncow wrote:
Wed Jun 23, 2021 10:22 am
The biggest obstacle to this might be child care for families without fathers present, but that's another whole topic.
WW3 will be the end of these people. Even cockroaches have to get in out of bed in the morning if they want to survive. try explaining that to these people.


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My sister lives in San Francisco, a true blue f____ liberal. Lately she has been asking me stupid questions like: why do (redacted) people keep looting Louis Vuitton and Neiman Marcus? Why did Walgreens and most of the other stores close down permanently or are only open during daylight hours? It must be racism...

My answer?

When are you going to move out of that hellhole?

She can't answer. She just gets mad. Now that Trump is no longer President, my sister can't blame the President. She thinks Biden is doing a good job... She attends meetings with Riot Gurls who recite slam poetry (I thought that died with the 90s?) and talk about the patriarchy.

There is no way to help these people. My sister has three college degrees, and she is as dumb as rock. Liberalism warps the brain irreparable.

America is falling apart now. It's best to leave the cities and leave the urban centers to the savages>>>and they are savages. You can't save America now. It's beyond saving
Save yourself. Save your children.

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Re: Societal collapse

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** 23-Nov-2021 World View: Black teen girls attack Asian girl in Philadelphia
Guest wrote:
Tue Nov 23, 2021 3:17 am
> I would say look at the footage of the black teens attacking
> teenage Chinese-American students (most of who were only 14) in
> what is obviously a racist attack on the trains in Philadelphia,
> but YouTube has already blocked it or only offers heavily blurred
> and censored accounts of it.

> I have ridden on the city trains of Philadelphia and it was bad
> then and even worse now. BLM has given lowlifes a license to
> kill. To kill you.
I've written in the past about a study by the National Institutes
of Health that most hate crimes against Asians are committed
by blacks. There are two motivations: resentment over the
success of Asians, and fears that blacks will lose their
special benefits because Asians will get the same benefits.

*** 19-Mar-2021 World View: Violence against Asian Americans

Here are a couple of links to the Philadephia story:

*** Shocking video captures brutal attack by group of black teenage girls
against Asian students on Philadelphia SEPTA train

A group of black girls attacked a group of Asian students on a
Philadelphia SEPTA train on Wednesday

The group of girls threw punches and screamed profanities at the
Asian students

Passengers on the train did not intervene with the teens until the
girl was on the ground and kicked several times

Authorities have identified the attackers and an investigation is
ongoing ... dents.html

*** 4 Philadelphia teens charged after allegedly attacking Asian woman on train ... ian-woman/


Re: Societal collapse

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I have the unedited footage of the attack. It is brutal and hateful beyond words.

The subway attack video is going viral across China. The Chinese parents in Philly are not going to take it. No way.

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Re: Societal collapse

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Pretty deep down the rabbit hole yes, but not anywhere near where it is stated on this site, which is par for the course if you pay attention.

The sad thing about lefties is that they don't care about the chaos they create, they just want carnage and depopulation. Their useful idiots will in part be subject to the welfare recipient violence, yes, but like the jab that also is a type of test to see who should also be culled.

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