When ‘Chinese People’s Feelings’ are the Only Feelings That Matter

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When ‘Chinese People’s Feelings’ are the Only Feelings That Matter

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Good article in The Diplomat about China's racism and view of their own superiority. Here are some quotes:
What is troubling is that China’s nationalism is ethnic-based and built upon both cultural superiority and a narrative of victimhood.
During cases of discrimination against ethnic Chinese and culture, the common basis for criticism is that such actions are “insulting China,” rather than speaking on the moral basis of anti-racism. As a result, while Dolce & Gabbana’s inadequate portrayal of Chinese culture and racist tweet caused an uproar in China, CCTV’s 2019 New Year’s Gala applauded China’s aid to Africa by depicting Kenyans as dancing monkeys and black-faced tribesman with fruit baskets. Despite the contempt of Chinese officials toward underdeveloped countries and cases of calling Africans “monkeys” on their own soil, the government still tries to portray racism as primarily a Western problem.
. . . an upward nationalist spiral, which risks driving the country toward a conflict-heavy nationalist path rather than an internationalist one, can be observed as witch-hunting for “anti-Chinese foreign brands” becomes more frequent. This leads to the question of whether the government is capable of containing the nationalist sentiment in the long term.
See https://thediplomat.com/2019/12/when-ch ... at-matter/ for the article.

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