The last time China took Taiwan . . .

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The last time China took Taiwan . . .

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First, see this ZeroHedge article: ... ion-taiwan

It says, the following:
According to the SCMP report, an article published earlier in the month in the magazine of the Central Party School, which trains senior officials, drew historical parallels with the Qing dynasty’s conquest of Taiwan in the 17th century to highlight the importance of patience and careful planning.

The 5,000-word article in Study Times, written by historian Deng Tao, said the Qing had spent the next 20 years preparing for the invasion and conquest of the island and argued that they had also used political, diplomatic and economic measures to achieve their goal rather than just relying on force.

The historian then went on to say that the Qing had managed to isolate the island’s rulers diplomatically and sent representatives to the island to court support among its Han Chinese residents by offering them incentives to return to the mainland and escape the heavy taxes imposed by their rulers. But in the meantime, the Kangxi emperor had been building up and training an invasion fleet that successfully took the island in 1683 and incorporated it into the Qing empire.
I wonder if this refers to Taiwan taken in something other than a Fourth Turning. If so, it might mean that the Chinese will not be as patient this time, which is something the article suggests.

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