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Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

by Trevor » Sun Jun 13, 2021 12:11 am

Political correctness and "Cancel culture" have been an issue for quite some time. I've found plenty of articles written in the 1990s decrying it, saying this was anathema to free speech, and many of the same things we say today. This is often used as: "See, there's nothing to worry about, you right-wing lunatics."

The difference is, at the time, this was mostly confined to certain college campuses. Now it's everywhere: business, government, the media, hollywood. It says something that a senior New York Times editor was fired for daring to post an opinion piece by a Republican senator. Criticizing Black Lives Matter will get you fired in many businesses. James Damore lost his job at google for suggesting the gender gap had other reasons than sexism, and his co-workers were warned: "Support him and the same will happen to you."

I consider it dangerous when you can't trust an election outcome and many people don't. I'm a little suspicious, but far from absolutely convinced. However, it's a bit rich for the people who spent four years saying that Trump stole the election now turn around and say questioning the election is treason.

Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

by Cool Breeze » Sat Jun 12, 2021 4:49 pm

Great, informative post.

2022 will be an inflection point in the "last stand" category of American history.

Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

by John » Sat Jun 12, 2021 2:50 pm

** 12-Jun-2021 World View: 2020 Election Forensic Audits

The Democrats are moving as quickly as possible to do as much damage
to the country as they can -- flood the country with illegal
immigrants from 170 countries, flood the country with Chinese fentynal
and meth, let violent criminals out of jail, defund the police,
destroy black families, encourage the murder of thousands of young
black men by other black men in Democrat-run cities, destroy America's
energy independence, teach racial hatred in school (critical race
theory), censor political opposition, etc. [Paragraph updated]

One reason that they're moving quickly is that they know that polls
indicate that Americans are turning against them, and they're likely
to lose control of Congress in the 2022 elections.

Another reason is that they're enormously frightened of the 75 million
people who voted for Donald Trump. They bitterly advise the Republicans
to dump Trump and move on, but that's not happening. And Trump will
be holding election rallies this summer for candidates he supports.

Another reason is that 2020 election forensic audits are gaining steam
in many states. The latest Rasmussen poll indicates that a majority
of American voters now believe that Democrat cheating affected the
outcome of the 2020 elections:
> "Our polling indicates 51%, a majority of U.S. likely
> voters, believe cheating impacted the 2020 election results, up
> from 47% just after the November election. Legacy media spends
> 24/7 demonizing any questioning of the 2020 results. Public trust
> in them is demonstrated below –

> — Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) June 7, 2021

> Image
  • Rasmussen poll results
The above poll indicates that 30% of Democrats believe that the election
was stolen, and 75% of Republicans do, and that's been steady since
November 19. What's changed is that independent (unaffiliated) voters
increasingly believe that the Democrats rigged the election.

The result is there are forensic election fraud audits being conducted
in a number of states, and we can expect a number of bombshells over
the summer. This probably panics the Democrats more than anything
because they know that they rigged the election and that the
mainstream media may not be able to protect them for long.

The Democrats and the mainstream media have been doing their best to
describe any claims of election fraud as masturbation fantasies of an
unhinged Donald Trump, but the forensic audits are proceeding anyway.

In fact, the Democrats have been showing how frightened they are by
hiring armies of lawyers to do everything possible to stop the audits.
The audit farthest along is the one in Maricopa Country Arizona, and
this army of lawyers, backed by corrupt government officials, were
able to stop the audit for a couple of days at one point, but the
court ended up approving the audit, and so it continued. However, the
corrupt Arizona government officials are refusing to respond to
subpoenas. Of particular concern are the Dominion voting machines,
which the corrupt government is refusing to turn over to the forensic
auditors, despite subpoenas.

Here is a summary of the 2020 elections that all but proves
election fraud:

  • Election Summary (TierneyRealNews via Redstate)

The following article was posted on Friday:

-- A.U.D.I.T. of Elections: Hot and Getting Hotter! ... er-n394861
(RedState, 11-Jun-2021)

It describes in great detail the progress of forensic election audits
in Arizona, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New
Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, along
with a number of additional comments about foreign interference in the

It's these audits that pose the greatest threat to the Democrat Party,
and explains why they're so panicked to get their destructive agenda
implemented as quickly as possible.

The Democrats through the KKK were still lynching young black boys and
raping young black girls when Joe Biden was young, and he may have
participated in or approved of some of these activities, along with
his mentor, Robert Byrd. Biden is on the record making extremely
hate-filled racist remarks as late as 2007, just before Obama
nominated him as vice-president. And now, in the last week, Hunter
Biden's tweets show the depth of hatred that the entire Biden family
has for blacks. I believe that this hatred of blacks and bitterness
at Republicans for freeing the slaves is a primary motivation for the
destructive agenda of the Democrats.

Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

by Navigator » Sat Jun 12, 2021 1:33 pm

There has been minor inflation for quite a while now, but it is not what will be a factor when things change for the worse. The inflation has been on the order of 2-5% per year.

But I think what John is talking about is what will happen when the economic crisis hits. It will not be an Inflationary Crisis (the Weimar case). Instead, it will be Deflationary, because everyone will stop buying anything the don't absolutely need.

Here is a more detailed explanation from David Stockman:

Where Deflation Comes From
Financial bubbles blown on the back of massive amounts of debt, of necessity lead to debt deflation (it’s just entropy, really). Fighting this is futile, and grossly costly to boot. The only sensible thing to do is to guide the process as best you can and try to minimize the damage, especially at the bottom rungs of society, because that’s where the deflation first takes hold, and where it spreads out from.

Attempting to boost inflation, or boost demand, before letting the debt deflation run its course through restructuring and defaults (perhaps even a -partial- jubilee) leads only to -further- distortion, and -further- impoverishes society’s poorer (at some point to a large extent the former middle classes). Whose lower spending, as nary a soul seems to comprehend, is the origin of the deflation to begin with.

All the attempts by central bankers to boost inflation that we’ve seen so far squarely ignore this, and operate on the false assumption that if only prices for financial assets and real estate can be raised even higher -artificially-, deflation can be warded off.

Thing is, deflation starts not at the top, it starts at the bottom. It’s not the banks or the bankers or the well-off who are maxed out and stop spending, but the people in the street.

They are responsible for most of the spending in an economy, and therefore for the velocity with which money moves in a society. And if the velocity of money falls below a critical point, no increase in the other side of the inflation/deflation equation -the money/credit supply- can make up for the difference. There is a point where all of the King’s horses and all of the King’s central bankers can’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.

The people in the street are not just maxed out in the sense that they have no money, they have less than no money, since they’re deep in debt. An increasing part of whatever they do still have, and what they make in their ever lower paying jobs, goes toward debt payments. Yeah, that’s the giant sucking sound.

QE and other ‘plans’ like it don’t address this even in the slightest, and are necessarily failures before they even start.

Central bank stimulus measures are all exclusively targeted at the upper rungs, and therefore miss their aim entirely. Or perhaps we should say ‘alleged’ aim, since it takes quite a leap of faith to presume that all the world’s central bankers fail to understand their own field so thoroughly that all they can all come up with is failures.

However, given that they all studied the same faulty economics textbooks, we can’t rule out this possibility. It is certainly strongly suggested -once again- by Steve Keen in Our Dysfunctional Monetary System.

Rather than effective remedies, we’ve had inane policies like QE, which purport to solve the crisis by inflating asset prices when inflated asset prices were one of the symptoms of the bubble that caused the crisis. We’ve seen Central Banks pump up private bank reserves in the belief that this will encourage more bank lending when (a) there’s too much bank debt already and (b) banks physically can’t lend out reserves.

What may also play a role is that the upper rungs tend to be blind to anything outside of their own circles, that because they 1) have their hands on a nation’s wallets and 2) they see themselves as the most important segment of any given society, they elect to try and solve the problem inside their own circles -and truly believe this is feasible-.

This can of course not possibly work. Because they’re hugely outnumbered. They don’t have nearly enough influence on money flows in their societies. If they can’t sell the bottom, let’s take a number, 80%, of society sufficient produce or gasoline or homes or trinkets, the entire society seizes up the way an engine does that runs out of oil.

The top makes its fortune for a while getting the bottom ever deeper into debt, only to inevitably find that this kills off the entire economy. Then they do some more of the same, and find ever more of their own kind becoming part of the bottom.

The problem for the rich is simple: there’s not enough of them. Well, that and they don’t understand how societies function. Let alone economies. Scraps off the table won’t do the trick. Next stop pitchforks.

Any deflationary period would have been hard no matter what. Still, none would have had to lead to what we’re facing now.

But look out there at what’s happening in politics, at who’s popular in various places. It’s all geared towards more inequality, not less, like some tooth and claw Darwin version were the world’s economics teacher, wherever you look it’s all the well-off making ever surer they will remain well-off or better.

And even if you look for instance at Bernie Sanders in the US, he wants more for the bottom of society, but that seems more for sentimental or ideological reasons than a sign he actually understands why it would raise the odds of the States being a going concern going forward.

The actual Darwin could have taught us all a lesson or two three about the role of balances in ecosystems, and in human societies. But then he actually studied them. Economists, politicians and central bankers have not.

Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

by Guest » Sat Jun 12, 2021 10:39 am

The Soviet Origins of Xi’s Xinjiang Policy
Behind the CCP’s horrific crackdown in Xinjiang is a desperate drive to avoid the mistakes that led to the USSR’s collapse.
One finding struck me: Chinese narratives about the Soviet collapse have been marshalled to justify the escalating horrors of ethnic assimilation in Xinjiang. Xi’s reading of Soviet history will not dissuade him from cultural genocide in Xinjiang. It will only steel his belief in the urgency of the endeavor. ... ng-policy/

Pretty much agress with what John has been saying.

Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

by Silenced S » Sat Jun 12, 2021 4:01 am

Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

by Tom Mazanec » Fri Jun 11, 2021 11:26 am


Qhat would stocks falling by a factor of eight mean to the man in the street?
John has long been predicting a stock market crash of this magnitude.

Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

by DaKardii » Fri Jun 11, 2021 12:43 am

John, speaking of racist Democrats: ... 490582002/

Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

by Guest » Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:54 pm

From the Financial Forum:
vincecate wrote: ↑Thu Jun 10, 2021 12:20 pm
Higgenbotham wrote: ↑Thu Jun 10, 2021 10:38 am
High inflation was "sort of OK" for stocks in the 1970s and 1980s (they at least held their nominal prices for the most part during those decades and traders could make money). I think the reason for that is the 1970s US economy was full of high book value businesses with lots of assets on their balance sheet. That's not true today at all.
If you have 15% inflation, then after the stocks get down to P/E ratios of 5 they will go up with inflation.

If we get 15% inflation now, the first move is P/E down to 5 (so factor of 8 down) then we go up 15% per year.

If we get higher and higher inflation over the next year, the market has to go down a lot over the next year.

I don't think people are understanding that you have different reasonable P/E ratios when there is inflation. This is a huge miss.

After the end of the month, if the market stays up, I will buy more puts again.

I think your estimate is reasonable. Whereas stocks fell by about a factor of 2 in the 1970s (nominally) when high inflation hit, they may fall by a factor of about 8 this time.

Qhat would stocks falling by a factor of eight mean to the man in the street?

Re: Generational Dynamics World View News

by John » Thu Jun 10, 2021 7:54 pm

** 10-Jun-2021 World View: Victimization
Guest wrote:
Wed Jun 09, 2021 8:18 pm
> "...when the real criminals are the White Democrats."

> The people who victimized my family were not White Democrats. They
> were black.

> I see your point, but I think you are letting blacks off too
> easily. Every single black person I know supports BLM. They have
> also always been the least qualified of any of my co-workers. I
> think American blacks are whinny and grossly hypocritical. I have
> worked with a lot of openly racist blacks in the past. I have quit
> jobs to escape them. (Which always turned out to be a wise move
> for me.) I have seen small businesses bankrupted by them. I don't
> see them as contributing to America in a positive way.

> I can't speak for the other guests, but I will simply agree to
> disagree with you on this point.
I'm sorry that your family was the victim of violence by blacks.

However, there are a couple of issues here.

One is that you can't assume that all blacks are violent, just
because a small number are.

A second issue is that BLM is a fraudulent organization, which
is why almost all Democrats support it, and so it's not surprising
that almost all blacks support BLM.

The third issue is that you say that "American blacks are whinny and
grossly hypocritical [and openly racist]." If this is true, then my
point is that the way they got this way is because the White Democrats
have purposely destroyed their families.

In the 1960s, 25% of black children were born without a father
in the home. Today, the figure is 75% and growing, thanks to
Democrat policies.

A black girl growing up will have no father in the home except a
string of men in her mother's bed. Some of her mother's "friends" may
abuse her, or even rape her. She'll be attracted to any male who
serves as some sort of father figure. It's not surprising that black
girls are far more likely than white girls to be raped, to become
prostitutes, or to become pregnant. In fact, Democrat policies
specifically target her and encourage her to become a pregnant teen,
so that the fatherless families will continue.

A black boy growing up will have no father in the home except a string
of men in his mother's bed. He will have no reliable male role
models, and in many ways won't know how to live his life. He may want
to get a job, get married, have children, and lead a responsible life.
Instead, thanks to Democrat policies, he knows that if he ever does
get married and have children, if he ever loses his job or has some
other difficulty, then his wife will be forced to throw him out of the
house, away from his family, so that she can collect welfare according
to Democrat party rules. A black teenage boy in this situation, with
no father and no future, will turn to gangs and start killing other
black boys, which is what the Democrats want. Not surprisingly, if he
survives long enough to grow up, he'll be bitter and angry and whiny
and hypocritical and racist.

So you say that we have to agree to disagree, but I don't disagree
with what you've said. You're perfectly entitled to feel the way you
do, in view of your experience.

You say your family was victimized by blacks. But your family was
ALSO victimized by White Democrats who caused blacks to be the way
they are, by purposely destroying their families. My point is that
the you should not let White Democrats off the hook.