ABC News - Reports President Obama made 2ND False Statement

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ABC News - Reports President Obama made 2ND False Statement

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ABC News Reporter Jake Tapper, a Generation Xer, born in 1969, reported that President Obama ( Generation X ), made false statements by repeating an often used Obama Administration false story line explaining why Fast and Furious was started in the Bush Administration, not the Obama Administration.

Tapper reported the story accurately without spin and the headline correctly reflected that the President did tell a falsehood.

The unusual thing about this story is that for the second time in two days, Generation Xers, in the Mainstream Media, held Generation Xer Obama, responsible for two different false story lines being pushed by the Obama administration, without using the cover story provided by the Obama administration to spin the story in Obama's favor. The cover story was reported, straight up, but the story, and the headline, was spun to hold the President accountable for the lie. ... istration/

Previously, CBS News, had held President Obama responsible for false statements the Obama administration had been making regarding the Attack on the Embassy in Libya. ... 52761.html ... o-protest/

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Re: ABC News - Reports President Obama made 2ND False Statem

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Could it be that these topics are so blatantly obvious as to the truth (or at least it's public perception) that to write otherwise is to damage reporter/journalist's credibility?

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